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How to find your Computer Model Number in Windows 8 Description: This technical article will show how to find your computer’s model number in Windows 8. Open a Command Prompt by pressing the Windows key on your keyboard and tapping the letter X at the same time.

SVP112 and SVP132 series: Please open the battery door to find the serial number and product name. SVT112 series: Lift up the adjustable stand to access model name and serial number. SVF11N, SVF13N, SVF14N, SVF15N series: Set laptop in the viewer mode.

Model number of any laptop computer usually consists of numbers and letters, and may include a series name. Model number is meant to identify an entire specific line up of laptop computers, and identical computers from the same line up will have identical or slightly varying model names.

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How to Find Serial Number of PC or laptop in Windows 10 Last Updated April 1, 2017 By Subhash D Leave a Comment The serial number is a unique identifier number consisting of the character string, numeric digits or/and typographic symbols assigned to PC or laptops.

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Introduction. Sooner or later you will need to know the manufacturer and exact model of your motherboard, especially if you plan to upgrade your computer, since the.

Find laptop model. You can use the below command to get the model of the laptop. C:>wmic computersystem get model Model ThinkPad T430. Another example. C:WINDOWSsystem32>wmic computersystem get model Model Latitude E7450. This command would be useful to remotely fetch the model information from a bunch of computers in the network.

On the System Summary screen, you will find the motherboard manufacturer (System Manufacturer) and motherboard model (System Model). For example, for a computer with an MSI motherboard, the manufacturer would be MICRO-STAR INTERNATIONAL and the System Model could be MS-7599, for example. The Model is the model number of the motherboard.

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May 15, 2010  · If the function returns true, the script displays, “it ‘ s a laptop.” The results from running the script on my desktop are seen in the following image. The results from running the script on my desktop are seen in the following image.

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2 days ago · OpenCV (Open Source Computer Vision) is a library aimed at building computer vision applications. It has numerous pre-written functions for image processing tasks. To install OpenCV, do a pip install of the library: pip3 install.

Depending on how much you don’t know about your computer or motherboard, you may also need to know who made your motherboard and what model it is. If that information is reported to Windows, you’ll find those values in the BaseBoard Manufacturer, BaseBoard Model…

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Feb 23, 2008  · Go to accessories and then system tools and then to system information, there you can find the model of your computer and its processor name and frequency as well. But if you are interested to find much more about your computer then you should obtain a software which is very simple to operate and which can be downloaded from the internet too.

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Dec 16, 2012  · Referring to page 10 of this PDF from Lenovo, you can find a type and serial number in what appears to be the battery compartment. Then visit Lenovo’s support page and input your model.

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To install special software on all portable devices of the company it was necessary to build an SCCM collection, which would include all laptops (an other portable mobile systems) in a corporate network. At once I could not find the system property to explicitly identify a computer as a laptop or a desktop.

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I just bought a new HP laptop and didn’t find the model to install drivers. In BIOS it says HP Pavilion Dv6 NoteBook PC but when I search for it, it returns a lot of models. I asked HP Website to detect it but it failed as well.

Find a reliable source of information that you know and trust. Many computer model graphics find their way onto social media.

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For models released before Summer 2000. The computer information and compliance label (located on the bottom of the notebook case or the back of the desktop case) indicates the actual model.

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So to use this in a script we’ll need to check for the existence of a particular machine name being returned, we can use the find command a different way and.